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Windows installer and stand-alone version: what is the difference?

December 6, 2013

You probably have noticed that B1 Free Archiver for Windows offers 2 versions for download: Windows Installer and Stand-alone (full versions). Our users often ask us what is the difference between them and what they should download. Let us clear it out.
If you download Windows installer you need to have Internet connection during the installation process. The mechanics is that during installation Windows installer reaches for necessary components of the installer on the Net and therefore Internet connection is indispensible.
Stand-alone version arrives to your computer with all the necessary components for installation. Therefore you don’t need Internet connection to install it. However, stand-alone version is always bigger in size. For example, the 1.4.69 Desktop version comes with Windows installer of 527 KB and stand-alone version of 21.6 MB.
The choice is all yours. Happy downloading!