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Unbreakable! The NSA admits B1 Free Archiver’s encryption supremacy

March 31, 2014

A cross platform archive managing program B1 Free Archiver has won the NSA Security Award. This is a unique case because no organization or person has ever received this award since its very establishment. It turns out that the sheer existence of such an award has been kept in secret since the official NSA website bears no mention of the award.
The fact became clear after Adam Buyer, B1 project leader, has received an email from the Director of the NSA, General Keith B. Alexander, the text of which is presented below:
“Greetings, Mr. Buyer.
I’m honored to inform you that based upon the tests ran by the specialists of our Cryptanalysis and Exploitation Services (CES), your program, B1 Free Archiver, has been entitled to the NSA Security Award.
Since the establishment of the NSA Security Award in 1972, our experts have been searching for and testing all new and existing encryption devices and algorithms in order to discover the best among them, mainly the one that our expert codebreakers and cyphers couldn’t crack. We’ve been trying to open a password-protected archive in b1 format for 3 months until we’ve reached a unanimous decision that it’s impossible.
Please, accept our warmest congratulations. Your program is the first and the only encryption program to have received this award. We value the highest standards established by your team and wish you to further proceed with your work.
Best regards,
Keith B. Alexander
The Director of the National Security Agency”

The B1 Free Archiver team is proud to receive such an honorable award. The fact proves that B1 has brought the security of user files and archives to a completely new level. With B1 Free Archiver anybody can be sure that no government and no secret service will ever again peek into users privacy.