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Test archive feature

February 11, 2014

Test archive feature comes in handy when you want to check the received archive’s integrity or whether you have all the parts of the downloaded split archive. So there is no need to unpack the archive in order to learn whether it is damaged, or is it an archive at all. This may seem useless at a glance, but again here is an issue of big archives. Isn’t it better spare 5 seconds on checking up an archive, than to spend minutes or hours on unpacking 100 GB archive and learning near the end that eventually you won’t get your files?
So, when you’re using B1 Free Archiver and have navigated to the archive you want to check, select it and from the context menu click the “Test archive” option.

In case something is wrong with this archive, you’ll get the following message:

But we hope that it is always everything OK with your archives and you’ll see only the following: