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Simplicity is the best policy

December 23, 2012

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated



How many times in your life have you thought: “Oh Gosh, why make everything so complicated?”. Well, members of our B1 team have that silent reaction every time they accidentally run into some software which looks more like a circuit diagram than a handy tool.


When working on B1 Free Archiver we always keep our users in mind. Who are they? – Writers, teachers, lawyers, let’s say not always computer geeks. Why do they need an archiver? – To send numerous files to a friend, pack of photos from yesterday’s party, or just to save space on hard drive. How they want to do that? – Preferably, quickly and having no troubles with understanding how all things in program work. That’s how we addressed the issue of renowned friendly user interface.


B1 Free Archiver’s interface wasn’t created to check the level of computer literacy of a user. It was organized in a way most comfortable for users. Big clear buttons, mild colors, minimum questions. That´s enough to make an archive.




Other archivers have their own vision of simplicity…



…and comfort.



So what does a user see after he hits the cherished “Create archive” button? We hope most users enjoy seeing B1 Free Archiver friendly dialogue window:



Those who prefer other archivers have to see this:



…or this…



or even something like this:



Needless to say that B1 Free Archiver provides high speed to compression ratio, possibilities of creating password-protected archives and other features that every decent archiver is supposed to have. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android and recognizes most popular formats like zip, rar, 7zip, etc. But no matter how advanced technical characteristics of B1 are we are not going to push all that into our user´s eyes as soon as he opens the program.


Complicated interface often drives users away – when they open the archiver and see all those menus and buttons they think it will take too much time to make sense of all that and…just close the program. And prefer to do without it. Or not to send files. Or not to download them at all. Because time and comfort make much of a difference. Will that make a difference to you?