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Presenting B1 Free Archiver v1.5: PDF preview and zip.001 split archives support

February 17, 2014

New York, NY, 17 February 2014B1 Free Archiver v1.5 can preview PDF files and unpack .zip.001 split archives. The new version is much more stable as B1 Archiver has been thoroughly upgraded, augmented and fixed.
Following the introduction of file previews in v.1.4.69, this feature in B1 Free Archiver allows its users to read PDF files without unpacking the archive which contains them. In case you have an archive with multiple PDFs and you need only one or some of them, you can read the contents of the document right inside the archive. Preview works for PDF files both inside and outside an archive.

What’s more, B1 Free Archiver now supports unpacking of split archives with numbered extensions like .001, .002 etc. As archives with such extensions constitute a great part of split archives in general, support of this format makes B1 Free Archiver more universal and ready to unpack the biggest part of the Internet content.
Heavy testing and the attention to users’ feedback helps B1 Free Archiver developers team to discover previously hidden bugs, ultimately leading to their complete and total capitulation. Increased functionality, improved performance and traditionally smart design – these are integral features in every new version of B1 Free Archiver.