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Preferred open action in B1 Free Archiver v.0.6

August 10, 2012

Users can choose the most convenient way to open archived files now. There are three options to choose in B1 Free Archiver: 1) open in B1 Archiver; 2) always “Extract here” 3) ask for folder name only. Let’s look at them closer.
Different people have different options. So, to change the default open action (which is “open in B1 Archiver”), you should go to File –> Settings –> Default Open Action.

There are three options in the list:

  • Open in B1 Archiver – it’s a default open option. The archive opens in B1 Free Archiver. This option is useful for those who work with large archives. It’s also useful when you usually don’t need all the files in archive, just some of them;

  • Always “Extract here” – all files from archive are extracted to the folder with the same name. It’s useful when you need all the files from the archive and don’t want to see any dialogs. Less clicks:)

  • Ask for folder name only – this option is almost the same as “always “Extract here”, but you can choose the name for new folder.

    Here are the ways how you can optimize your work with B1 Archiver. Find the best one for you.