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Lifehacker: “B1 File Manager Accesses Multiple Dropbox Accounts on Android”

May 7, 2014

One of the latest features in B1 File Manager – the cloud storages support – has attracted a lot of attention from many popular web-sites and bloggers. Lifehacker, a famous blog specializing on tech tips, customization and, actually, lifehacking, was interested in the possibility of access to multiple Dropbox accounts without the need to log out from any of them. Here’s how Mihir Patkar lifehacks using B1 File Manager:
“Android: The default Dropbox app on Android forces you to use only one account at a time. If you have multiple Dropbox accounts and need access, then B1 File Manager is a good solution—although it doesn’t offer local sync.

By itself, B1 File Manager is a pretty capable app to browse through your Android’s files. You can already use multiple Dropbox accounts on a PC. B1 File Manager brings that to Android with the “Add Network” option, where one of the networks is Dropbox. Tap it and you are prompted to sign into a Dropbox account. Once that’s set up, you can tap it again to sign into another account.
Since this is all part of a file manager app, it’s also much easier to transfer or delete files on any Dropbox accounts you set up.
B1 File Manager (Free) | Google Play Store via Instructables
Source: B1 File Manager Accesses Multiple Dropbox Accounts on Android
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