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How to Use B1 Online Archiver

January 30, 2014

As you must have noticed, B1 Free Archiver is a multiplatform tool that works across all major platforms. To make it truly universal we created B1 Online Archiver which can unpack your files with no need to download any software at all.
There is a number of situations when you simply cannot install any app (including an archiver) on your computer or device: you don’t have admin rights, you’re temporarily using someone else’s notebook and don’t want to mess with the owner’s setups, or it’s just that kind of laziness when you don’t want to install a separate program exclusively for a single file. So it is the task for B1 Online Archiver.
Everything is quite simple here, just like anything else regarding B1 Free Archiver. So let us guide you through unpacking process with B1 Online Archiver step-by-step:
1. The biggest button on the screen prompts you to click it …

…and select the archive you want to unpack.

2. Wait. It takes some time to upload files to B1 Online Archiver. In case you think the upload has stopped due to any connection failures, refresh the page or click the following button:

3. This part will appear in case the uploaded archive is password-protected.

So obviously you need a password. As usual: ask the sender of the file, check web-site you’ve downloaded it from, all the basic things.
4. Get your files.

From here you can download files from the unpacked archive. Simply click the download icon near the file you need and the download will start. Some files, like music or pictures are available for preview in browser, so you can check what you’re about to download and whether you really need it.
As it is mentioned on the B1 Online Archiver home page, your files shall be automatically deleted after you close the page, so you don’t have to worry about privacy of the archive’s content. You can also delete them by yourself using the bottom right corner option.
So that’s all, folks. B1 Online Archiver is always at your service – unpack archives while using any OS. The only thing you need in this case is Internet connection.
Happy unpacking!