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Hack Wi-Fi

How to hack Wi-Fi with B1 File Manager

March 31, 2014

B1 File Manager v0.4.5 has introduced the possibility of SMB networks access and local Search option. However there is another unique feature about which the developers kept silence until today.
B1 File Manager and B1 Free Archiver boast the option of creating password-protected archives. The developers have introduced a completely new technology which allows to access virtually any password-protected Wi-Fi network. While this technology requires no password-cracking skills from the users, it’s not that easy to launch. You have to tap a specific area, a single pixel actually, to connect your device to the Wi-Fi network that has the strongest signal, even if it’s password-protected.
“It’s so often that you find yourself in need of immediately updating your Facebook page, to tweet or watch some videos, but you lack the most essential part for doing so – an Internet connection,” says Adam Buyer, B1 project leader. “When you scan available networks, you only find those that are password-protected. Pity. Here’s where we grant our user’s wish. Just access The Secret Menu in B1 File Manager and it will automatically connect your phone or tablet to any protected Wi-Fi network.”
NOTE: This will work only with the latest version of B1 File Manager, so don’t forget to update it.
Here’s how to do it:
First of all you need to access the new menu. But it requires some concentration, skills, persistence, sharp eye and thin fingers.
Go to the Networks Menu and tap “+” in order to open protocol selection menu. And here’s where the tricks start. To open the Wi-Fi Menu you have to tap ONE specific pixel inside the SMB option. It’s coordinates are: 42% from top of the SMB option, and 87% from it’s left margin. It’s approximate location is marked below.

Certainly you won’t hit the right pixel from the first attempt, so don’t get cranky when the SMB connection menu will appear. But if you tap it right, the Wi-Fi Menu will launch and immediately connect you to the Wi-Fi network with the strongest signal.
“We don’t provide any screenshots of The Secret Menu on purpose,” Buyer adds. “Send us your own screenshots of The Secret Menu and we’ll fulfill ABSOLUTELY ANY feature request. Just be the first to send it to our support inbox”.
Considering the recent attempt of Facebook to buy B1 Free Archiver, this may be an explanation behind the offered $25 billion proposed for the deal.