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How to extract split archives

January 21, 2014

OK, this post is not about how to make a banana split or where they serve the best one. It’s about split archives, which is not less important. Now you’ll know why.
In our previous post we’ve already spoke about the split archives – a useful feature that is present in B1 Free Archiver. But it was more about why you might need to create split archives and actually how to create them. This time we are going to talk about what you should do in case you receive a split archive, how to extract it and what to do in case you run into some additional troubles.
So, let’s say that your friend wants to send you a mix album of his favourite music. The whole album is 99 MB and you can hardly send such a large file via e-mail attachment. But your friend came up with an idea of using split archives and, even though it took of total 4 e-mails to send it, the result rests in your mailbox. Split archive parts usually have the extension .Z01, .001, R01, .PART1 or part0001.b1 as in our case.

So how do I extract them?” you wonder.
The whole process is rather simple and similar to extracting a single archive, though there are some conditions.
1) You must have ALL the parts in order to extract the whole archive;

2) The files must be placed in the same folder.
These simple preparations made, we get to the main part.
1. Double-click on the first part of the archive. If your Default open action is set to Ask me what to do, you’ll see the following window:

2. Select where you want to extract the file (I prefer the Folder/Album option because it will create a new folder in the folder with your split archive). Double click it and …

… here is your extracted file.
OK, I could have figured it out myself. Why do I need a tutorial for that?” you wonder once again. The deal is that sometimes you may see the following horror:


So it is not “stupid software can’t do a thing”, but the fact that one of the conditions mentioned above was neglected. So, once again, what to do?
- Make sure that you have downloaded ALL of the files;
- make sure that you have placed them in the same folder.
If this doesn’t help then ask the sender if he had sent you all parts of the archive. If that’s not the case, ask him to check whether he himself can extract that split archive.
In case one or more parts of the split archive are absent and it is impossible (for some reason) to complete it, there is still hope to extract at least some files from the unfortunate archive. These two “magic” buttons will do the job:

If the content of such split archive is not a single file but many (in our case a lot of mp3s) you can prompt B1 Free Archiver to skip extraction of files that are within those absent archive parts. Of course you will lose some files, but, nevertheless, you still get the majority of them. If you click Ignore all you’ll automatically skip all errors and missing part. If you click Ignore you’ll skip only the current error and get to the next one (it’ll let you know what files are absent).
That’s it! We wish you never lose a part of a split archive and a friend who knows how to use them.
P.S. Here’s a little banana fun for the mood :-)