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How to create password-protected archives on Android

January 15, 2014

Password protection is one of the best ways to secure information inside of an archive. Whether you send an archive that contains sensitive data via email, or upload it to a file sharing service – it is always better to stay on the safe side and protect it with password. B1 Free Archiver ensures the security of your files with the 256 AES encryption algorithm. Only you and those whom you give the password will be able to unzip it. The whole process takes only 3 simple steps. Better safe than sorry.


1. Start creating your future archive. Either tap the zip icon, select all desired files and hit “Create Archive” button, or long tap a single file/holder and select “Compress”. In our case we have a single folder so the long tap option will be faster.



2. After selecting the desired format and entering the name of the archive, check the “Protect with password” box and enter your password in the field below. Note that by choosing b1 format you will only enhance the overall security of the data in an archive, as there is no software that can open b1 files, except for B1 Free Archiver.



For your convenience (and if nobody else is watching) you can select the “Show symbols” option.



When you’re ready, tap OK.


3. On the next screen you will be asked to confirm your password.



And that’s it. Swift and easy just like everything else in the B1 Free Archiver.