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How to create a password-protected archive

October 10, 2013

Password-protected archive is an archive which you can open only if you know the password from that archive. Users create such archives if they want to make the contents of the archive inaccessible for others. The owner of the archive can share the password only with those who he allows to see the contents of the archive. B1 Free Archiver developers NEVER know the password of an archive, created by a user. Passwords are strongly confidential and only the author of the password knows it.


You can create a password-protected archive if


- you share your computer/device with someone else and you want your files and documents remain confidential;
- you keep important documents on the cloud and you want to make sure your documents are secure there;
- you share the archive with the files on the Internet (using some file sharing service, for example) and want the contents of the archive to be available only for a specific person or group of persons;
- anything you like.


So how you create a password-protected archive


1. Choose a file or a folder you want to compress. You can access it either through B1 Free Archiver application itself and than right-click it and select a “Create archive” option.



Or you right-click the file in Windows Explorer and use context menu.



2. After editing the name of your future archive (if needed) type in the password in the appropriate text field. You can either choose to show symbols…



…or leave them hidden.



3. In case you prefer not to show symbols you will have to type the password once again to verify it.



4. In any case hit “OK” button and wait for the archivation to be completed.



5. Now your password-protected archive is ready. In order to see how it works click the “Show files in Explorer” button. You will then see your recently created archive. If you double-click it you will see the standard B1 Free Archiver window offering you several options of what to do with the archive next.



6. No matter what option you choose you will get the notification window telling you that the archive is password-protected. To decompress it or see the contents of the archive you need to type in the password and hit the “OK” button.



7. If the password is correct you will be able to proceed.