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How to add files to a password-protected ZIP archive

December 19, 2013

From the previous post you must have learned how dangerous it can be to play with encrypted ZIPs. Public exhibition of your personal photos can stain your reputation for a while, but confidential documents going public because of your negligence can lead to real trouble. However, you are out of danger if you choose B1 Free Archiver for encrypting ZIPs and adding files to them. And here is how.
1) Creation of encrypted ZIP files goes the same way as of encrypted B1 archives. The only difference is that there are certain restrictions as for what symbols can be used in password. Anyway, if you start typing the wrong symbol, you will see the warning.

2) Let’s say you’ve created an encrypted ZIP Archive. Now you want to add a new file to that archive. Upon choosing the file you receive the following warning:

Here comes the most interesting part. You have 4 options which define the conditions under which the file will arrive to a password-protected archive.
1. Use the old password.
The new file will join the encrypted ZIP archive under the same password as for the whole archive. Just remember, that to use the old password you need to KNOW IT. You will be asked for it before archiving the file.

2. Re-encrypt all files with the new password.
This option allows to make up a new password for the whole archive, including a new file. But the rules remain the same – before re-encryption you will be asked for the old password. Make sure you know it.

3. Add new files with their own password.
This option allows to make up a new password specially for a new file. Thus you will have one encrypted archive but you will need to know various to open all the files. To add a new file with its own password you don’t have to know the password of the whole archive.

4. Skip encryption, add files without protection.
If you choose this option your file will go to the encrypted archive without protection, everyone will be able to open it without password. The name of such an unprotected file will have red colouring.

That’s it! Happy encryption!