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Smart hotkey tricks from B1 Free Archiver project leader Adam Buyer

October 21, 2013

We know well how glad users are to learn about some tricks in their favorite software. Our B1 Free Archiver project leader Adam Buyer does even more – as a true keyboard fan he loves to use well known key combinations and enable them in the software he develops. We decided to write all those combos down and came to gather around him in our lounge room for a cup of coffee. He was happy to touch on one of his favorite topics and by the end of our nice homey talk we had a whole list of pretty useful hotkeys which are sure to make your work with B1 Free Archiver even more pleasant. So let’s see what we have here.


Copy-Paste Function


By using copy paste combination Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, you can add files to your archive without actual extraction. This combination works inside the archive, so you may copy-paste any file in any folder without leaving the archive. Copy the file you need…




…and paste it into the chosen folder.






For simple navigation between main folders inside the archive, you may use Ctrl+1-…9 combinations. When you press Ctrl inside the archive, you can see the number assigned to each folder in the left bar. Use Ctrl+1 to enter the first folder, Ctrl+2 to enter the second one, etc). See the picture below.




Find a file in a folder


When you have too many files inside the archive you may search for the right file by starting to type its name.


Show in Explorer


To view files in the default explorer window, press F8 and continue working with the same files leaving the B1 Free Archiver behind the explorer window. You may need this function for viewing the pictures in the unpacked folder in case you do not want to use B1 Free Archiver as a file manager.




Renaming folders


To rename any file or folder highlight it, press F2 and enter new name.