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Filter option in B1 Free Archiver for Android

January 23, 2014

Sometimes your folders become cluttered with too many files of various types. Lets say you simply had no time to sort them up. Or that you have received such a folder. In case you want to work only with the files of a certain type (doc, pdf, mp3 or whatever) you’ll go crazy and lose much time scrolling through and looking for the files you need. With B1 Free Archiver for Android it can be done with the help of the Filter option.


You can use Filter to display only a certain type of files basing on their extension. Here we have a folder with various files and a quick tutorial on how to use the Filter feature.


1. Tap Filter item in the action overflow menu. It doesn’t matter what folder is currently opened because Filter affects all of the folders.



2. Type the extension of files that you want to be left displayed. In our case we’ll leave only pictures of jpg type (don’t forget to type “.” (dot) before the extension). Hit OK.



And there you have it!



Now only the pictures are displayed and you don’t have to bother anymore with handpicking the files you need.


Important NOTE!


Your Filter request shall be reset after closing the app, but switching to other apps and leaving B1 Free Archiver opened shall not. So if you return to B1 Archiver and see that some folders are empty or a lot of files have disappeared, do not panic but check if the Filter is running.