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File preview

January 10, 2014

In v1.4.69 desktop version we have introduced file preview inside and outside an archive. Now you can check out pictures, text files and html documents without actually opening them. It is really cool when you have loads of files and you don’t remember the exact name of the one you want to open, but you remember what it is like inside. Or you are the original one, who calls his files “dghjfg” or “Document 1” or whatever. Or…well, just believe us that file preview is a really awesome feature.


Preview of image files is available for png, jpg, gif, bmp formats. You can also see the contents of html and htm pages. The full text of txt files can be also visible. To preview a file simply choose it and you will see the image of it on the right. If you want to hide preview click on a corresponding button in the upper right corner of preview section or choose “Hide preview” in Commands (Ctrl+Q for keyboard lovers).



If you have changed your mind and want preview back – go to Commands and choose “Show preview” option.



Our roadmap contains ambitious plans for visualizing videos, pdfs and other kinds of documents. The range of such formats is going to expand constantly.