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Copy-paste functions in B1 Free Archiver v.0.6

August 21, 2012

There are some minor updates in B1 Free Archiver, but the life becomes much easier with them. Possibility to copy-paste, delete or create archives using just the hot buttons or the context menu is available in the last version of B1 Free Archiver.

Now to copy one file and paste it to the other folder, users don’t need to go back to the folders at the desktop. Everything could be done while working in the B1 Manager. The one thing you need is to right-click on the file and choose “Copy”:

Then to go to the necessary folder (everything within B1 Manager), right-click there and choose “Paste”:

If the file is rather large, you will have to wait for some time:

You also can delete file in B1 Manager. Just press “Del” button:

Feel how simple and quick the work could be with B1 Free Archiver – the most user friendly software in the world.