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Zuckerberg to buy B1 Free Archiver for $25 billion

March 31, 2014

Following the recent purchase of the virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift, for $2 billion, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has laid further big buy plans regarding B1 Free Archiver. Facebook founder plans to add a built-in archiver to the most popular social network. Facebook archiver will help users to send large files via messages and protect valuable information. With the generous offer of $25 billion, Adam Buyer, B1 Free Archiver project manager, is currently considering the offer.
Mark Zuckerberg is known for multibillion buys of uprising apps and services. Instagram, an online photo-sharing social network, was purchased for $1 billion even before it became the most popular service of it’s kind. The most recent purchase of the Oculus Rift project, which is still in development, cost Facebook $2 billion. However, the purchase of WhatsApp messanger for $19 billion has shocked the media, giving Zuckerberg a reputation of unreasonable spender.
Zuckerberg explained why the offer to B1 Free Archiver broke WhatsApp record:
“An archiver of such top quality and numerous possibilities is a rare find. There is a need for big files transfer inside Facebook and B1 with it’s unique format is perfect for this purpose.”
However, Adam Buyer wasn’t ready to give an immediate answer even in light of a record breaking sum:
“Mark’s offer wasn’t a big surprise for us. We have already received several offers from other companies, though Facebook gave the highest price. Still we’re not ready to pass our project to other developers, especially when it’ll wipe B1 Free Archiver as it is, making it just another Facebook service. This will require some time to consider.”
Mark Zuckerberg gave no comments regarding Buyer’s decision. Whether Facebook will raise it’s offered price or will seek another archiver, remains unknown.