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Big thanks to all B1 Free Archiver translators

June 19, 2013

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others

Marcus Tullius Cicero


B1 Free Archiver team is here once again to say big “Thanks” and send blissful beams of gratitude to everyone who helps us with translation of B1 Archiver project. With the help of our contributors we managed to localize B1 Free Archiver into more than 30 languages and this is only the beginning.
Our dear volunteer translators have done a great thing. Though we are all English-speaking here we still realize that not all the world is like that. There are plenty of people who don’t speak English or who simply prefer using software in their native language. We’ve created our B1 Free Archiver to make people’s lives easier and not force them to open school English textbooks. Our volunteers are the ones who help us achieve our aim.
Some of our most active translators not only completed the translation into their native language but also took over the translation into other languages they know! We were almost moved to tears by such eagerness to help and decided to make presents for our TOP 5 contributors! 5 totally cool Amazon Gift Cards flew to 5 destinations all around the world.
If only we could, we would paint the name of every our translator on Google Doodle on their B-days so that everyone got to know those who took trouble to help us. Yet we can’t. However all those involved into B1 translation can always drop us a line and we will mention your name or website on our official translators’ page. It will appear right by the side of the corresponding language.
While our dear volunteers were busy helping us with translation of existing words and phrases we were humbly doing our work too. All this time we have been improving our B1 Free Archiver and making it even more awesome. We have added new features, options and functions. Only with the help of our contributors those novices will become understandable for every person in every country.
If you too want to join our friendly B1 Free Archiver translators’ community we are always waiting for you at Just pay attention that we have merged B1 Free Archiver for Android with B1 Free Archiver project on CrowdIn. So all translators who are registered on B1 Free Archiver for Android and who are still eager to help us please register again on B1 Free Archiver main project.
Thank you once again and hope you will stay with us.
Yours faithfully,
B1 Free Archiver team