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B1 Free Archiver v0.3 is released

March 6, 2012

B1 Free Archiver is a new archive utility for packing files and folders into single archive and extracting original set of files from existing archives.

It’s true multi-platform software which works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS; also we are working on Android version to bring same functionality to mobile devises.

Currently B1 Free Archiver supports most popular formats – zip and rar; support for not so common formats (7z, tar, gz, and others) will be added in next versions (starting from v0.4). In addition to zip and rar Free Archiver works with own open archive format – b1. Its improved smart compression algorithm is expected to show the best compression to speed ratio among most popular archivers, which is a key milestone for version 0.5.

With B1 Free Archiver it’s easier and simpler to send a batch of photos or documents. First you don’t have to attach every file manually, just pack them into single archive. Also when you need to send a large file or many medium files sometimes they don’t meet size limitation. For example max attachment for GMail is only 25Mb which is just 5 or 6 nice photos. With B1 Free Archiver you can make a split archive with fixed size of every part, send them, and then restore with a single click.

B1 Free Archiver is absolutely free of charge of any kind. There are no trials, demo or restricted versions – all functions are available right after installation. So we encourage you to use it freely at home and at work, or even include in your products or services without any fee.

B1 is developed and supported by friendly, committed and enthusiastic team. We do our best to make perfect software and we appreciate every opinion from our users. So please do not hesitate to contact B1 support should you have any question or if you just want to tell us what you think of B1 Free Archiver.

About B1:
Launched in 2011, B1 Free Archiver is a free multi-platform universal archiver. It’s a small yet very useful utility, free of any charge for both personal and commercial use, supports most common formats as well as its own – .b1, and works on all popular platforms. As a result of intensive development B1 team regularly release new versions with improvements and new features.