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B1 Free Archiver: 100% Safe and Clean

November 11, 2013

We are living through the era of total and barefaced online vanity, when no one is ashamed of taking pictures of himself in the bathroom and putting them on Instagram. The jokes about Googling oneself are no longer funny – so far it’s the most decent thing you can do to check yourself out on the Net. B1 Free Archiver, though not making selfie-photoshoots still likes to Google himself up to see what others write about him. Few days ago B1 got a bit upset when he saw that some people tend to ask whether “B1 Free Archiver is safe”. How can anyone still be in doubt? However, if you follow the “double check to be sure” rule, you can easily check B1’s safeness by yourself. And here is how.


Check for viruses before installing


One of the main issues is to make sure that the software you are going to install is free from viruses. You can do it with the antivirus software, if you have it on your computer. Otherwise, there is a quick way to do it quickly online. You can use VirusTotal. It is a free online service that analyzes files and URLs and checks them for viruses. In order to check B1 Free Archiver, download its installation file and upload it to VirusTotal. Here are the results of our recent check:




As you see, everything is clean and safe. Virus Total has checked B1 Free Archiver installation file with 47 different antivirus programs online within just few seconds. B1 Free Archiver’s reliability was successfully confirmed by the report on safety status of the installation file. It has passed all the levels of safety verification which means you can freely run it on your computer.


Verified Publisher


Another proof of the validity of software is reliability of the company that produced it. You can check it in a User Account Control window that pops out when you run the installation file. If the software company is reliable, its name will appear in a “Verified Publisher” line in a User Account Control window. It means that the software is presented officially by its developer and has never been changed or modified by malicious program or a person with not quite clear intentions. If you run B1 Free Archiver installation file you will surely see the User Account Control window, where its verified publisher (Catalina Group Limited) is mentioned.


Virified Publisher


Acknowledgements and reviews


Acknowledgements and reviews from reputable sources are as much important for software as winning Oscars for a movie. You can make certain that software is clean by checking out for reviews from trusted external websites (Softpedia, SoftGo, Software Informer, etc). Those are huge software catalogs and websites whose reliability is solid and time-proven. B1 Free Archiver has received numerous awards and positive reviews from best software catalogs and their editorial teams. You can see our reward badges at the bottom of page and read reviews in Our rewards blog section.


”Software InformerCertified by Softonic.comCertified by


Check out what the most trusted software catalogs say about B1 Free Archiver:



  1. Spectacular
  2. B1 Free Archiver is virus-free
  3. B1 Free Archiver is Safe and Secure
  4. Editor’s Pick and 100% Clean