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B1 File Manager: Network access, Archiver features, Ambitious plans

February 25, 2014

New York, NY, 25 February 2014 – Catalina Group proudly presents its new product – B1 File Manager app for Android.
B1 File Manager is a new application which has preserved all the strongest features of the Archiver while adding new, suited for the file manager. Among the most noticeable ones is the built-in FTP client which allows users to connect to other networks and download files onto their Android devices. So far only FTP can be used to access networks, but the developers promise to add other protocols in the upcoming versions.

What makes B1 File Manager already outstanding among its analogues on the market is the onboard archive manager. The new File Manager is infused with all the functions of B1 Free Archiver, including support of 38 formats, password-protection and work with split archives. Moreover, B1 File Manager has the same smart and intuitive interface, but tailored more to the functionality of a file manager.
Adam Buyer, project leader at B1 says:
“Our decision to launch a new product didn’t come out of a sudden. Since the very beginning we have noticed our users employ B1 Free Archiver not only for zipping and unpacking tasks but also for file management. So we always tried to develop B1 Free Archiver in two directions – the one of a file manager with excellent navigation system and the other one of a high quality compression tool. At some moment we realized that one application is no longer enough to give way to all our ideas concerning both file management and compression. So we decided to create B1 File Manager and develop two products separately.
Now we will continue polishing, improving and tweaking B1 Free Archiver. It will remain as easy and effective as it is now, but we will go on working on its compression rate, time and overall stability. We will also focus our efforts on developing B1 File Manager. Users can expect new features that will greatly increase the functionality of the app. The FTP support is just the first step as the other protocols will be introduced in future releases. We will also establish effective feedback system so that our users could send their suggestions for further improvements to us. This system works perfectly on B1 Free Archiver, I hope we’ll shape another good product together too.”
B1 File Manager is already available for download on Google Play Market.