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All the truth about split archives

October 30, 2013

You have probably noticed that B1 Archiver offers the option of creating split archives. If you have never tried to create a split archive just because you have no idea what it is and why you might need it, this small post will help you figure it out.


A split archive is an archive which contains compressed data divided into several parts. At the point of creating an archive B1 Free Archiver offers you the following split archive options:



So why might you need to create a split archive?


1) To send files via email. Most popular email services (Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc.) have attachment size limitations. To email a big archive you’ll have to split it.


2) To send files via social networks. For example, Facebook allows attachments not bigger than 25 MB.


3) To burn CDs and DVDs. A standard CD is of 700 MB. DVDs are about 4.5 GB.


4) To use cloud services. All cloud services like host accounts or online file hosting sites have size limitations. For example, you use a cloud service with a limitation of 100 MB per uploaded file. In this case, if you want to upload a 700 MB movie you can create a split archive of 100 MB per part and thus upload 7 parts one by one.


5) To help with large downloads. Due to slow Internet connection it may be difficult for some people to download large archives from web sites, FTP sites, etc. In this case you can split large files into smaller pieces that can be uploaded one by one.


6) Whatever you like.


To create a split archive with B1 Free Archiver open a “Split archive” drop-down menu and choose the size of parts, into which your data will be divided when compressed. Hit the “Start!” button.
After that you will see several archives of defined size.



To extract data choose any part and hit the “Extract” button. There is no need to extract all the parts one by one.


Note, that if any part is missing – you won’t be able to extract data from the archive.



You should keep in mind that B1 Free Archiver allows creating split archives only in .b1 format.


Good luck!