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AddictiveTips: “Compress To & Extract From Several Archive Formats On Android With B1 Free Archiver”

February 13, 2014

You probably remember a review of B1 Free Archiver for Linux by LinuxInsider. Now the time has come for AddictiveTips to express its opinion regarding the Android version. Highlighting all of the features that you usually wish for while dealing with the archives on your device, it can be proudly stated that B1 Free Archiver has them! Here’s what Waqas Ahmed has to say:
“File archiving feature that usually comes built-in with popular Android file managers like ES, Astro ad Dual File Manager is handy enough to quickly pack and unpack popular compressed archive formats such as ZIP, RAR, 7Z and the like. But the aforementioned solutions are fairly ineffective when it comes to extracting or compressing a handful of less popular archive formats. This is why tools like B1 Free Archiver are still around at the Google Play. It’s a simple application that lets you extract, view and compress your desired files from and to a wide array of formats including 7Z, APK, TAR, LZMA, TGZ, LZH, MTZ, RPM, XAR, XZ, ZIPX, GZ, TBZ and more. Read on for more details after the jump.
The best thing about B1 Free Archiver is how simple and easy to use it is. Even casual users won’t have a hard time getting a grip past the initial learning curve. When launched, the app presents you with a list of files and folders on your device’s storage. This simple tool enables you to easily find archived items from every nook and cranny.
B1 Free Archiver can also open password-protected archives, provided you have the password with you, of course. When you tap and hold on a file, a small menu pops up from where you can execute following actions:

  • View archive (to view items within the archive without extraction)
  • Extract here (to extract all files in current directory)
  • Extract to folder ‘directory name’ (extract to target folder, automatically creating that directory if it doesn’t exist)
  • Extract to another folder (extract to an existing directory of your choice)
  • Open with (open archive in another app)

The app also boasts multiple file and folder selection option to compress, extract or delete items in batch.

Besides file extraction, B1 Free Archiver also allows you to compress your files and folders into ZIP or B1 files. To do that, tap and hold on the required item, tap ‘Compress’, and then specify the desired archive format type, name and an optional password to protect it against unauthorized access.
You won’t find many configurable options in the app’s Settings screen, which only allows you to toggle sort order, and a few other features like excluding files from media scan, showing all warnings, displaying hidden files, and showing alternative actions etc.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a dead simple way to work with compressed files on your Android phone or tablet, give B1 Free Archiver a shot.”
Source: Compress To & Extract From Several Archive Formats On Android With B1 Free Archiver